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ForestView / 15 Απριλίου 2019


Content Marketing Specialist / Digital Copywriter

Are you ForestView next Content Marketing
Specialist / Digital Copywriter?

Give us a buzz! You may just be the one to join our hard-working, fun-loving team
The successful candidate will be based in Athens.

Key Responsibilities:
• Write various types of content, including website copy, blog posts, online articles, social media posts and advertising copy.
• Help develop and guide creative ideas that
can stretch across multiple platforms.
• Ability to interpret and transform business
objectives into creative ideas.
• Generate original topics for potential coverage
or clients’ online content, and organize
them into a monthly editorial calendar.
• Provide clients with strategic recommendations to maximize their digital presence through strong online content on their websites, social media channels and other online vehicles.

Desired Skills and Expertise
We’re looking for the following type of person to join our hard-working, fun-loving creative team:
• Excellent writer with a strong command
of the English language and grammar.
• Create compelling content based on user needs, business objectives, and product knowledge.
• Highly creative, with a passion for conceptualizing, communicating and evaluating excellent creative concepts.
• Assist with conception, presentation and implementation of social media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns.
• Able to identify and/or create the
relevant brand and customer story.
• Editorial mindset that seeks to understand what audiences consume and how to create it.
• Strong editorial eye and attention to detail
and a basic understanding of SEO.
• Ability to multitask and work on
several projects simultaneously.
• Collaborates well with others on group
projects to work toward a shared goal.
• Works well under pressure and tight deadlines.
• Experienced in management of digital content
hubs and all supporting social channels including
email / newsletter distribution.
• Must be the type of person who likes to
roll up their sleeves and get things done.
• Experience in digital marketing at least for 3 year. Previous experience in Content Marketing and/or Digital Advertising will be treated as a plus.

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