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Εκπαιδευτικός Οργανισμός / 22 Μαρτίου 2018


Video Expert, Part-Time

We are one of the top five Greek Educational Institutions
and we are looking for a part-time Video Expert,
to join our Multimedia team.
A talented and experienced individual with a passion
for communication through motion and, most of all,
a passion for storytelling through videos.
As a Video Expert, you will be responsible for producing and editing videos, creating motion graphics, animation and live video content for a diverse array of media, including smartphones, handheld electronic devices and the web. You will also need to customize output for various media (i.e. email, social, web and mobile). Other projects may include title and post-production work.

 Experience in video shooting and digital video editing is a must
- Experience in animation, motion graphics, sound design, and video compression for multiple delivery platforms
- Knowledge of social media and YouTube best practices
- Knowledge of lighting/grip and photography
- Proficiency in Adobe Premiere & After Effects

Adobe After Effects
- Creation of basic Animation
- Animated Text
- Working with Shape Layers
- Animating of Multimedia Presentations
- Animating Layers
- Working with Masks
- Distorting objects with Puppet Tools
- Use of ROTO Brush Tool
- Color Correction
- Building 3D Objects & 3D Operations

Adobe Premiere
- Video Shooting and Import Videos
- Choose Settings, Custom Preferences,
and Resource Management
- Create Videos with Montage
- Add Frame Switching Effect
- Creation of Dynamic Titles
- Application of Specialized
Editing Tools / Montage
- Adding Video Effects
- Clip-on application
- Sound Editing
- Export Frames, Clips and Sequences

- A good understanding of animation and motion
graphics techniques, proven by portfolio
- Edit raw video footage and add
effects/elements to enhance motion graphics
- Ability to work with our Creative team to understand
project scope and objectives
- Able to select audio, video, colors,
animation, etc. according to brief
- Good understanding of digital communication channels like Social Media platforms & Video/YouTube.
- Solid communication skills (both in Greek & English)
- Knowledge of designing in Photoshop
and Illustrator with be considered a plus

Candidates who meet the above criteria and are keen to take up a challenge are kindly asked to forward their CV to the following email address:
CVs will be treated with confidentiality.
The company will only contact Candidates whose profile matches the aforementioned requirements.



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