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Warply / 11 Ιουλίου 2017


Senior Digital Account Manager
We are looking for a talented and ambitious Senior Digital Account Manager to join Warply team.
This role would ideally be a perfect fit for an individual who holds at least 4 years of experience in a similar job position and is interested in joining an energetic, upbeat team. It is imperative to be passionate about creating, building and maintaining a strong relationship with a diverse spectrum of renowned, multinational clients.
The role consists of ensuring our clients’ goals and expectations are met. Furthermore, you will be in charge in running a team and delignating tasks
to maintain an efficient day to day schedule.
At Warply, it’s all about technology and innovation, bringing omni-channel customer experience which drive loyalty, engagement and sales. We are a fast-growing multinational company, providing personalized communication and innovation to our customers, with specialization in Loyalty solutions and Mobile Marketing.
We also offer excellent benefits, besides a good salary,
which includes monthly bonuses, paid vacations and a friendly work environment!

Interested in joining Warply team? Then do not hesitate and apply now at or see more details at


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