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BBDO Athens / 7 Απριλίου 2017


BBDO Greece is looking for a CRM Director.
From this dynamic role, you will play the key part in helping drive forward the Agency clients’ loyalty programs. You will need to be a very good communicator who can inspire clients, offer CRM and loyalty insight and deliver first class service. You will be an integral part of the agency’s organization, working across strategy, loyalty and CRM programs, data,
insights and reporting aiming at optimizing  these offerings and deliver value for the client.
If you're currently in a Head of CRM position, or Director of Data and CRM, then this position is targeting people at that level.

Key skills/responsibilities required include:
• Postgraduate University Degree
• Excellent knowledge
of data driven CRM
• Good understanding of eCRM
• A strong communicator
• Managing the entire data and CRM department.
This will span across New Business
as well as current clients.
• Manage all partner relationships
and ensure the agency operates at maximum
profitability at all times.
• Work closely with the other department Directors,
to ensure consistent approaches are made at all times
• Build strong relationships both internally and externally.
• A natural leader that will inspire colleagues and clients.
• Strong multitasking skills
• Strong presentation skills
• Must be able to work multiple clients
and sectors simultaneously,
which could result in a fast paced and demanding role.
• Track the progress and results of customer campaigns
• Analyze customer campaigns
• Design and execute customer campaigns
based on previous campaign data
• Identify and implement improvements to customer communications to keep the customer journey running smoothly
• Optimize and improve CRM and Loyalty campaigns
• Planning, managing and delivering multi-channel,
digital CRM marketing campaigns.
• Segmenting of the CRM to enable tailored and relevant marketing messages to customers.

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